Homosexuality In Ghana Christianity

This paper is a demonstration of your ability to research a topic and apply concepts from the course to your own topic. You should demonstrate your ability to use empathetic understanding to explore a topic within a specific African religion. You cannot, for example, determine whether an idea in a religion is true or false; rather, you should approach the religion as an outsider, demonstrating interpretive openness to the religion and understanding of a specific topic within the religion.
You should narrow your topic to a particular issue, practice, or group within your chosen religion. This paper is your chance to apply critical thinking and analysis in an exploration of a religion in Africa.
Required Components:

-This is a 4-5 page formal research paper, requiring proper MLA style formatting and documentation.
-This is a thesis-driven paper, requiring an appropriately complex focusing statement.
-Proper documentation and good source use are expected.
-You should compile a 5 source bibliography, with at least 3scholarly (versus popular culture) publications.

Research Requirements
This paper is a synthesis—so you are combining sources, not just writing a summary of one source. It’s not a book report. You should use all 5 sources evenly–don’t overuse one or two sources. Also, your analysis of source material and your thesis statement should guide the paper–not the sources.

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Homosexuality has been a topic of contention in Ghana with negative sentiments publicly expressed by both the leaders and the community members (John and Gyasi-Gyamerah). The issue has generated passionate discussions…
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