Hospital facility turnover costs

complete a 500 – 750 word (not including title and references pages) individual paper discussing the economic costs of staff turnover in hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United States. Refer to the websites provided in the Welcome Module for helpful information.
Focus on four major themes: 1) impact on quality of patient care, 2) impact on healthcare system costs, 3) impact on retention of nurses in the profession, and 4) strategies to positively influence these costs. Students are expected to apply concepts and analytical understanding gained in course readings and videos to address these topics.

No more than 15% of your paper should be found from online/other sources according to Turnitin’s plagiarism report.

A minimum of three references should be used. Two of these sources should be from a peer-reviewed article. Avoid the use of undated references. This document must be submitted using APA format.




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Turnover Costs
A turnover rate is the number of employees that leave an organisation over some time in terms of percentage. Turnovers happen now and then in organisations and are even considered in the budgeting. However, the hospital industry has been reported to have more turnovers compared to any other industry.

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