How does Einstein’s theory apply in this scenario

How does Einstein’s theory apply in this scenario

In a two-page paper single spaced, identify the physics principles contained within the following scenario. Explain how these principals connect to Einstein’s theory of relativity or in modern applications in physics. If you use a GPS option on your car or a mobile device, you are using Einstein’s theory of relativity. Finally, provide another example from your own experience, then compare and contrast your scenario to the provided example below.

Paper uses proper spelling and grammar and any sources must be cited using APA format.


Mandy took a trip to Rome, Italy. She gazed out over the open ocean 20,000 feet below as her airplane began its descent to her final destination of Rome. It had been a long flight from New York to Rome, but she as she stretched, and her bones creaked as though she was old, she knew that in fact, she was a tiny bit younger than her compatriots back home, thanks to traveling at hundreds of miles per hour. In fact, time for her was running slowly compared to her friends in New York for two reasons: the speed at which she had traveled and the height of the airplane above the Earth. Neither, though, were noticeable.



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The theory of relativity was formulated by Einstein in 1905 whereby it is based on the notion that laws of physics remain the same everywhere (Einstein, 2019). The theory explains the behavior of objects in space and time, thus can be used to explain almost every aspect. Principally, the theory is about experiencing two objects that move which move relative to one another. Notably, the effects of relativity only take place at high speeds, velocities that can be compared to the speed of light (Einstein, 2019). This infers that as time increases, scales shorten, increasing the mass of the moving object. Often, this is identified as the special theory of relativity. Before the theory was formulated, it was perceived that time and space are absolute; that is, they do not change. However, the theory of relativity presumes that the speed of light is similar everywhere (Mijwel, 2018). From this, it was concluded that a traveler moves relative to an observer whereby the latter will notice extended time for the traveler, 

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