How to operate a Businesses

Discussion 1.Customer Service – Zappos

From the e-Activity, analyze the role that customer service plays and determine the service management skills at Zappos. Evaluate the different way(s) that Zappos creates a superior customer service.
Choose at least two OM activities in Exhibit 1.1 from Chapter 1 of the text. Evaluate how each of the activities impacts the management of goods and services that Zappos provides. Include one to two examples from each activity to support your position.
Discussion 2.Value Chains

Choose an example of a global value chain and an example of domestic value chain. Compare and contrast the key challenges that the managers would face. Then, propose the ways to confront these challenges.
Utilizing the Exhibit 2.4 from Chapter 2 of the text, evaluate how each value chain you chose from Part 1 of this discussion can be described from a pre- and post-production service perspective. Provide at least two examples for each perspective.
Discussion 3.Assessing Stakeholder Positions

Apple is about to release its latest technology. The company needs to develop a plan to communicate with key stakeholders about the release. You have been tasked with identifying those main stakeholders and selecting the method for communicating with each group. Summarize your plan in a two to three paragraph post.
I have provided you with both chapters 1 and 2 for discussion 1 and 2 below.




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Discussion 1 a: Zappos’ strategic plan included investing heavily on research regarding customer needs and requirements to create a superior customer service. The ideals that Zappos believed in included the fact that a human touch could not be compared or replaced with technological interaction, therefore, it was better to put their resources in developing the best customer service rather than investing heavily in marketing campaigns.

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