HR case study

HR case study

2-3 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font)

Be sure to fully describe your insights on this case for the following:

·Identify the types of people who might be attracted to this opportunity.

·Write a job offer letter to Keisha Jackson persuading her to accept your previously extended, competitive job offer.



Solution Preview

HR Case Study

The recruiting company is known as RTMM Inc. and is involved in the field of software development. The company is looking to recruit top candidates to join the company. However, the company is facing huge challenges since it is not known by many people in the job market and this is proving to be difficult for the company to attract new employees into the company. Such a scenario has made it difficult for the company since many candidates prefer to work in some of the other companies that compete within the same industry. However, there are several types of people who might be attracted to some of the opportunities that are available within the company.

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