What role should unions play in today’s work environment?

What role should unions play in today’s work environment?


For references, please ONLY use content from the websites listed below and chapters attached. Thank you.

Respond to all questions attached on a new, blank word processing document (such as MS Word).
Develop each answer to the fullest extent possible, discussing the nuances of each topic and presenting your arguments logically.
In addition, include citations from the class content resources (links have been provided on the word doc) to support your arguments.
Each answer should be robust and developed in-depth.
You are expected to demonstrate critical thinking skills, as well as an understanding of the issues identified. Some questions may also require personal reflection and practical application. Your responses will be evaluated for content as well as grammar and punctuation.
All writing must be your original work. PLEASE do not copy or quote anything. Sources are just that, a reference. Once you locate the information, read and interpret the data. What does it mean to you? Type your own thoughts and own words. Then, include in-text citations to support your ideas. This is not a research paper.

Each response should be written in complete sentences, double-spaced and spell-checked. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all sides. Include page numbers according to APA formatting guidelines.
In addition, you will want to include citations in APA format at the end of each answer. Include a minimum of 3 references for each answer.

Question 1:

Select three functional areas of HR (i.e. recruiting, selection, training and development, compensation etc.) and, for each one, discuss how that function supports the HR and organizational strategies.Provide specific examples of goals and outcomes that support organizational success.
Consider the organization you work for or one you have worked for in the past.Evaluate the effectiveness of the HR function overall and at least two specific functional areas (do not name the organization).Share at least one HR program or initiative that you found particularly effective and discuss how it supported the organization’s strategy.Why was it effective?
Question 2:

A) Discuss how an organization’s diversity strategy can support the business strategy. Provide at least three specific examples and explain why and how they support organizational success.

B) Consider the organization you work at or one you have worked at in the past and evaluate the diversity program.How was it effective and how did it support the strategic goals of the organization? If it was not effective, explain what factors made it ineffective.

Question 3:

Consider the difference between the concepts of diversity and multiculturalism.How would you determine the difference between an organization focused on compliance versus one that promoted multiculturalism? What evidence would you be looking for and why?Discuss at least four ideas.

Question 4:

Assume you are the HR manager of a large organization tasked with evaluating employee retention.What type of metrics would you want to look at?How would you use the HRIS to obtain these metrics?
Discuss the relationship between an organization’s total rewards strategy and retention.As a human resourcemanager, how would you evaluate your total rewards program to make sure it was having a positive impact on employee retention?
Question 5:

Imagine that you are preparing for your first performance feedback session with your employee.You want the session to be effective for the employee, so he/she will have the motivation and knowledge to improve performance.You also want to provide a valid, accurate evaluation of the employee’s performance.What are the steps that you would take to prepare for the session?What sources of data would you consider? Finally, outline how you would conduct the feedback and evaluation.
Assume the role of the employee. How would you need to prepare for your performance evaluation meeting?
Question 6:

Discuss in detail the current “state of labor unions” in the United States? Include a synopsis of the history of unions in the US and include some of the important milestones in the movement’s history. What role should unions play in today’s work environment? What industries or occupations might benefit most from unionization and why?

Question 7:

A) Define and discuss in detail the two types of sexual harassment found in the workplace. Your answer should include the actions employers can take to create a legal defense and the actions a person subject to this type of treatment or who witnesses these actions can take.

B) Evaluate the sexual harassment policies of your organization and the role of the human resource manager.How were they communicated?How were employees trained? Discuss three ideas to improve effectiveness in reducing cases of sexual harassment.

Websites for References:




Purpose of Human Resource Management





Reading: Recruitment





Employee Compensation and Benefits




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What role should unions play in today’s work environment


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