Human Development and Behavior

Human Development and Behavior

this week, you were introduced to seven developmental theories. Psychoanalytic Theory, Humanistic Theory, Cognitive Theory, Psychosocial Theory, Behavioral Theory, Ecological Theory, and Sociocultural Theory

Briefly define and summarize at least two developmental theories that you believe would be helpful to explain and understand human development and behavior;
Identify one developmental theory that is confusing or unappealing to you and why.
This writing assignment should…

Be a minimum of 500 words.
Include an introduction with an overview of your essay, ending with a thesis statement. Click here if you are asking, “What is a thesis statement?” Links to an external site.
Provide support for your claim within the body of the essay. You may use course materials, credible Internet resources, or the City College library’s databases to locate outside resources as support.
Have relevant personal examples, application, or analysis.
End with a solid conclusion that wraps up and summarizes all of the ideas presented throughout your essay.
Be formatted in APA style with an APA-formatted title page.
Include outside resources on a separate reference page (also formatted in APA style).
Be uploaded as a Microsoft Word doc

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APA Format, 680 words

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