What is your thesis or argument related to the source-based essay?

Integrating Sources Skill-building Assignment

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Integrating Sources Skill-building Assignment

Instructions: Please type in answers to the questions in this assignment, then upload the assignment as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf to the correct dropbox in Blackboard (make sure it is saved as one of those file types, with the file extension in the filename since Blackboard won’t read it otherwise). I will apply the rubric (available at the end of the document, and on Blackboard) to your work. Remember that the grades in this class are binary: you have to have satisfactory scores in all areas to receive credit. If you have any unsatisfactory scores, you may resubmit up to twice in the two weeks after the initial assignment.

For this assignment, it will help if you are already working on a draft of your final source-based paper. If you are not, you will need to invent paragraphs for this assignment, which will allow me to evaluate your work at integrating sources but may not be as helpful for your final work.

1. What is your thesis or argument related to the source-based essay? What are you trying to say about how broadly we should apply human rights?

2. Either from your draft essay or for the first time here, write three paragraphs (they can be short) in which you make a case supporting the thesis above, using at least one source per paragraph (they can all be the same source, or they can be three different sources or more).

3. Review your use of sources in the above paragraphs, and make sure you are satisfied with how you have integrated the sources into your own thinking about the topic. I will evaluate the paragraphs in #2 based on the rubric, so take the chance to edit them so that you are satisfied with how they fit the rubric below.

Category Satisfactory Unsatisfactory (see feedback comments for details for revision)

Clarity It is easy to tell what you are saying. Some elements of what you are saying are unclear or get lost in the language.
Choosing Quotes The quotes you have chosen are appropriate to the points you are trying to make. It is unclear how the quotes you have chosen fit with the points you are trying to make.
Providing Citation Each of your quotes and specific summaries is cited using MLA style. You have quotes or summaries that are not properly cited.
Sandwiching Quotes When you provide quotes, they are introduced and analyzed, and do not stand alone as a sentence on their own. The quotes you provide are not introduced, not analyzed, or are their own sentence without any words of yours to go with them.
Expressing Yourself The main focus of your paragraphs is on your own point. The sources take over your paragraphs, so that they are more focused on what the source says than on what you want to say.

ENGL 101 Source Content Assignment (2)

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What is your thesis or argument related to the source-based essay

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