Identify and explain the two critiques

In “The International Human Rights Movement: Part of the Problem?” David Kennedy asks whether, on balance, international human rights law might be part of the problem. He offers a list of potential problems with human rights. Writing more than a decade later, Samuel Moyn (“How the Human Rights Movement Failed”), César Rodríguez-Garavito (“Against Reductionist Views of Human Rights”) and Stephen Hopgood (“The Endtimes of Human Rights”) suggest that the human rights movement faces fundamental challenges and may or may not be up to the task. Choose two of these critiques, whether from Kennedy’s list or from Moyn, Hopgood, or Alston to discuss.

**Make sure in your essay to do the following: 1) Identify and explain the two critiques. 2) Respond to the critiques: are they correct, problematic, or maybe both? In what ways? 3) In your essay, use at least two specific examples from materials we have read this semester.

***All references MUST be to materials from the readings that I WILL PROVIDE once you accept the question. No internet use! Please use parenthetical notation in text – no footnotes – in the form of Author-Date. Then create a Works Cited page with all the readings you have referenced. Your citation format should follow the Chicago parenthetical format.

I am uploading all the necessary documents that you have to be using as you can not use outside resources

Here are the documents that you MUST use as reference

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Identify and explain the two critiques


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