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its a very easy writing assignment 2 pages long about those pages I have hard copy of the book any question just ask me please I can provide pictures of pages. If you get to read through the attachment I need the 4th unit.

Unit 4 (Chapters 10 & 12-13)—DUE DATE: See calendar on syllabus: 1. Consider the development of the university, its curriculum, and its degree achievement (beginning in Bologna, Italy). Compare the original university program with your own higher education experience. Be specific




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Bologna University

One of the primary roles of university education in contemporary society has been to prepare learners through provision of deeper understanding of different concepts from a more informed and research-based perspective than is the case in lower levels of education. These differences highlight the importance of university education in helping improve the theoretical standards in various sectors than was previously the case in different markets. Modern day universities focus on research as much as the original universities, such as the University of Bologna, did, but their basis of research has evolved to the extent that the institutions no longer primarily seek to serve the interests of the labor market, but also seek to expand basic knowledge of issues.

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