i need a 1 full page for each assessment so total 7pgs, then newsleter, 1PG, Aand reflection

 i need assessment 1-2-3-5-19-20-6  

* how to to the page in listed in the attachment ( syllabus then go to wear it sis: Deliverable #2 this is the instruction )

* also please check the attachment ” weekly class engagement” then look for ” assessment ,

assessment 1- managerial assomtions assesement 2- 21st century manager …asesment 3,5,19,20, and finally 6

* i am also attaching 3 sample of my friends work to show you how i want this assessment to be foe each assessment

2- i need a weekly newsletter: The attached newsletter is a sample of my friend work. Feel free to get creative and use your own template or follow mine. Just be substantive in you content.

3- do the weekly reflection hand out each week and sent it I i have attached it as a sample)

4- i will also give you the E-book in the last pages of the you will see the assessments

5- also please check other attachment that you need

conclusion: this will be a semester work …..each week by Tuesday , i need the assessments + weekly news letter sent to me +weekly reflection hand out.

note: please take care of the formatting instruction giving in syllabus then go to wear it sis: Deliverable #2 this is the instruction and read the sullybus.

hear are more sample what i want

i am handing a samply from the teacher

also a sample from my friends :

 i need assessment 1-2-3-5-19-20-6

each one must me in one page by its self

good i just sent you the e-book link .. so the assessment go to page 435 🙂 you will find them there


1- assessment 1-2-3-5-19-20-6 ( i have done a a bit is of asesment 1 )

2- news letter ( just wiring a small paragraph from any assigned chapter for this week form part 1

  • our group has to do a news letter for chapter 1 …. eatch one have to take somthing form the chapter the write in the newsletter
    i picked : org behaviors as scince page 30. |( how do we learn about OB ) i have wrote the paragraph ( on the left corner ) please edit it and sent it back to me kindy by today ( monday ) feel free to ad anytrhing that i missed or you find it handy
    also i am working at the self assessment too i will get back on you in that soon …
    note /i have attched: – the book-teacher sample- my sample that i rote ( you will find it in the left of the page where is sis : how do learn about OB)

3- weekly reflection ( follow week 1-2) that my frind did with your twist

20180904044709sample_final_all_asesments_for_my_frind (1)

20180904044709sample__assessment_1__the_teacher_gave (1)




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Organizational Behaviour Self-Assessment

Assessment No. 1 Managerial Assumptions                                    My Score: X= 6/ Y= 3

  1. Self-Analysis Profile Describing the Assessment and Interpretation of Score.

In relation to McGregor’s theories, a leader’s relate theory Y to having a positive rating of transformational leadership qualities and behaviour while theory Y is related to negative leadership behaviour. In my self- assessment score, Theory X is predominant to theory Y a reflection that my employees do not like their working environment, supervision by their subordinates and majors, nor do they make any personal effort. Having the above feedback from my employees in mind, it is my personal responsibility to transform my employee’s perception to their work and working environment by coming up with a workable management theory that will bring in positive energy and change their perception.

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