i need paraphrasing for document​

i need paraphrasing for document​

i need paraphrasing for document

for document called paraphrasing online i need only paraphrasing whole

the word is 2150

i need similarity 0%

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Composites, properties and processing of Date palm tree

            A major characteristic of date palm tree is the multiple offshoots that usually sprout at the base of the trunk. The trunk is characterized by tenacious gray colored leaf pedestals. The trunk is transcended by beautiful collection of pinnate long leaves and needle like fronds. On average the tree produces 10- 20 leaves per year. At the base of the trees there is an extension of a cylindrical sheath majorly composed of tough rubbery material to the leaves. A combination of these features act as a protective blanket to the terminal bud. Figure 1.2 and 1.3 is an illustration of a young date palm tree shooting and a fully matured fruit respectively. Figure 4 is a detailed illustration of the trees morphology. It demonstrates different traits of the tree like size, angle of elevation, number of sprouts and thickness of the rachis. These features of the tree’s natural fibers is useful in determining how sustainable the tree is for manufacturing industries and composites in natural fibers.

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