i need to do a response for two of my classmate posts

i need to do a response for two of my classmate posts

I have 2 of my classmates posts. I need you to respond to each one separately. also, one source at least for each one of them. don’t write about how good their posts or how bad. allyou need to do is to choose one point of the post and explore it a little bit with one source support for each response. Their posts you will find it in the attachment file

 public health  DMM
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Cyclone Disaster Management and Public Health.

The conduction of post-disaster assessments and priorities remains the most critical aspects of disaster management after a cyclone. Nonetheless, forecasting remains the surest way of preparing for such disasters. Naturally, cyclones are caused by rising atmospheric and oceanic humidity. Additionally, the build-up of highly humid leads to atmospheric instability that paves the way for the creation of cumulus clouds. Furthermore, an increased shear between top lower and top levels of the clouds creates the presence of cyclonic vorticity.

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