Communications Question

Describe what’s happening in the pictures?
What do you see that makes you think or feel way you do about the images?
Can you add to what you’ve already thought or stated?




Other questions to consider in your response:

[Do Not answer all the following questions they are just to help your thinking process]

• Do these images have anything in common or are they completely different (i.e. purpose)?

• Did words like pagan, divine, primitive, holy, idol, graven image come to mind? If so, why?

• What stories do you recall about these figures from your reading? Do the stories help add meaning for
you? Do the stories cause you to see the images differently?

• Does the symbol imply more than the object itself?

Do you think objects are transformed from or made to transcend the mundane to the mythical or
supernatural? If so, how does that happen? In what ways might ritual, devotion, faith or invocation
transform an object or not depending on your opinion?

What story, idea, emotion is this object communicating, and or what might it evoke in you?

• Based on what you have learned about the deity in the religion it represents, what are the symbolic

• Where might the power of the objects be located or what makes item/s powerful or not?

Answer the first three questions in three to five sentences. After you answer the first three questions expand
your thoughts and ideas. Include one quote from the Prothero reading that relates to the belief system that
informs your thoughts about the image/s and cite the page number. You can add to your reflection by using
one or more of the additional questions to consider or come up with your own questions or ideas.

Write two pages using 12pt font, double space and normal margins. Do not copy or repeat the question
at the top of the page.


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Describe what’s happening in the pictures


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