Identifying Rhetorical Appeals

Identifying Rhetorical Appeals

Assignment 2B_ My First Brief Rhetorical Analysis Paper: Identifying Rhetorical Appeals

For this assignment, you will consider your responses/ explanations of Assignment 2A Worksheet and our discussions, and you will write a brief rhetorical analysis paper. 


1. Consider Assignment 2a: If needed, re-watch the graduation speech (YouTube Video) by Admiral William H. McRaven at University of Texas at Austin 2014, and consider your responses to the Worksheet.

2. Type a brief Rhetorical Analysis of the speech video.

  • Length:  3-4 paragraphs  (1.5 – 2 pages)

 Consider the The Assignment Document Download The Assignment Document that details EVERYTHING  about this task.

A2b_ A brief Rhetorical Analysis PAPER _ Make Your Bed.docx Download A2b_ A brief Rhetorical Analysis PAPER _ Make Your Bed.docx 

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