imagine that an organization with which you are familiar

imagine that an organization with which you are familiar


Several tools exist that can be used by cybersecurity professionals in identifying and removing malware. For this task, imagine that an organization with which you are familiar has recently been experiencing malware attacks from various external sources. Internal tools have failed to identify and mitigate the attacks. Assume that you are the chief cyber security officer, and you recommended to the CISO to allow the use of cloud-based tools in detecting and mitigating the attacks. The CISO asked that you present to the board of directors and provide a vivid analysis of cloud-based tools used in the prevention and removal of malware.

Address the following in your paper:

  1. A brief description of why cloud-based tools are the only solution you recommend.
  2. A paragraph each that describes three cloud-based tools used in the identification and mitigation of malware.
  3. Recommend a cloud-based tool that your organization can use for analysis and removal of malware.

References: Support your paper with a minimum of 3 scholarly resources




Solution Preview

With the increased prevalence of malware attacks, there is a need for the organization to invest heavily in endpoint antimalware software’s like antiviruses to tackle these attacks.  However, it is important to note that the security concerns from malware attacks have evolved whereby the internet experiences much modern malware.

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