i+MED Laboratories: Expanding Beyond Thailand

I need a critical evaluate & analyzes about this journal. The report should consist this 4 important point in the report

Problem identification;
Application of relevant theories;
Application of analysis tools;
Proposed solutions, conclusion and recommendations
And it should be 2800 words , references and citation must be in Harvard stile and I need at least 3 to 4 references.

the word file password is 180036



Solution Preview

The development of the i+MED laboratories organization was initiated to provide essential services of rapid testing manufacturing, drug testing, and producing commodities products. The main goal of the company development was associated with the growing needs of potential customers in the community system. The vigorous activities of the company necessitate the need for expansion in the process of distributing products to a different part of the world. The company has initiated some new ways of supplying medical products based on the development and launching of new products, 

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