Incident Response and Disaster Recovery 3

Incident Response and Disaster Recovery 3

Answer all 4 questions.

  • Search the Internet for at least three sites you would want to use when training a SIRT/CSIRT team. Include why you thought those sites would be helpful.
  • What are the general stages followed by the IRP team? Provide examples of the deliverables.
  • What is an Incident Response Plan (IRP)? Provide a definition along with an example
  • Read the Opening and Closing Case Scenario associated with Chapter 4. Answer the questions contained in the closing case scenario on Page 163.
Principles of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery, 2ed – Chapters 4 (Incident Response Planning) and 6 (Organizing the CSIRT)
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the word document is for question 4 and must be in seperate document

20180327002726opening_and_closing_scenario (1)

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The Computer Security Response Teams (CSIRTs) refers to an organizational entity that is responsible for coordinating and maintenance of the computer security events or incidents that occur…

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