Informative Research Essay on Human Trafficking

Informative Research Essay on Human Trafficking

Pick a subject/issue and write a 4-page informational research essay on it. What is the history and background of that subject? NOTE – your essay should be 3-1/2 pages or more, not including the works cited page).

Subject will be on Human Trafficking.

Cite using the sources attached in the file below.

Your last paragraph should sum up but also present intriguing possible issues you could write about on this subject and which one you are leaning toward.

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Human trafficking means recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring by means of the threat or by using force, or other coercion practices, of deception, of fraud, of abduction, of power  to get some kind of labor or commercial sex act. Trafficking of persons is composed of three elements which are; the act (what is done), the means (how it is done) and the purpose (why it is done) (Lee, 2013). Each year huge numbers of people including women and children are trafficked in nations around the globe, including United States. This business is a crime and a great violation of human rights (Shelley, 2013). This paper handles the issue of prostitution and how it is related to trafficking of persons.

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