Initiating, articulating, and doing strategic planning

Initiating, articulating, and doing strategic planning

For this assignment you will visualize a personally selected work scenario for which you will present a plan for leadership through change.

Your plan is based on a stage model and includes the key goals and objectives and the activities and tools you would use to achieve them. While you may assume that management understands and appreciates management concepts, be sure your notes are also instructive to help managers understand cultural, group, and individual psychological factors that might be important. If you are using materials from a resource, include a citation on your slide. At the end of the presentation, include a list of the cited references. Remember to proofread your presentation.

The following basic stages are given as a guide for one final check of your course project. Note: Remember, this project is all about planning. Ensure your plan addresses how these stages will be carried out in support of the change process.

A: Initiating, articulating, and doing strategic planning

  • Articulate the basic need and motivation for the change.
  • Develop a coalition within the organization to plan the basic strategy for the change.
  • Articulate the vision to guide the strategic planning for the change.

B: Dissemination

  • Translate the vision and plan to various stakeholder groups.
  • Plan for and respond to resistance.

C: Action and evaluation

  • Create opportunities for forward progress.

Evaluate progress and provide feedback to make modifications as needed.

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