Why are we writing about this topic?

What is food insecurity?

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Topic: What is food insecurity? Remember: you are just informing the reader about this topic. No opinion. You will use the sources in the Works Cited page assignment from last week to write this essay.

Your goal in this paper is to inform the reader about how food insecurity affects college students or how it has increased because of Covid.

How to write the paper:

1. Introduction: Let the reader know what you will be writing about. Start the paper with an engaging first sentence, also known as the hook.

Your last sentence is your thesis sentence. The thesis sentence lets the reader know what the paper will be about. Because this is an informative essay, the thesis should be informative in nature.

2. Your second paragraph is the background paragraph: In the background paragraph, you provide the reader with the context. Why is this topic important. Why are we writing about this topic?

In both the intro and the background paragraph you will have to back up all of your information with sources so please review the videos on how to complete the in-text citation and works cited page. The sample essay should help you with this as well.

3. Now you will move on to the body paragraphs. In these paragraphs, you will go into much more detail about our topic. Remember for this paper you are informing the reader. So nowhere in the paper should be trying to solve this problem. You are just giving the reader information about this issue. Assume they know nothing about the topic and you are teaching them about it.

4. Conclusion: Wrap it up and restate the main points you made in your essay.

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Why are we writing about this topic

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