Intermediate Macroeconomics research paper

An original research paper demonstrating your command of the economic way of thinking and your ability to apply it in an original and insightful way is a major component of this course. The topic can be on any theme related to the course material that you wish to examine.

You must submit your paper topics to me by the end of day on Thursday, March 15th,2018. The paper itself is due by the end of day on Friday, April 27th, 2018. A sample format for the paper and further instructions will be made available on Blackboard.

Also, do note that the Sorrell College of Business is organizing the Sorrell College of Business Student Research Showcase. For more details on this event take a look at the website –…. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.If you have completed your paper by the submission deadline I encourage you to submit it. You will receive extra credit for submitting your paper to the showcase.

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Gross Domestic product is one of the most common economic indicators that is used by many economists to offer an indication about the welfare and well-being of the economy. It is often considered to be the best tool to assess or measure the economy’s…
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