International Organizations

 International Organizations

Topic: Milestone 4: International Organizations
Details: For this assignment, the student will gather information on international organizations that have a presence in your country. There are three parts to this assignment. In a 3-4 page paper (not to exceed 5 pages), provide a brief introduction, discussion and conclusion. Clearly address each section. You may include images, charts, and tables, referenced in your paper and placed after the reference page.

1) Government Select a government sponsored international organization to research. The following information must be included in your submission.

Name of the organization
A brief description of the purpose and mission of the organization
The type of organization, e.g. relief, philanthropic etc. and the focus of its activities
An example of the organization’s presence in your country
Collaborations/partnerships with other organizations if any
Additional information that you think is relevant
2) Non-government Research and present the same information for a non-governmental organization (NGO).

3) International Organizations Provide a brief overview of other international organizations that have a significant presence in your selected country.

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