Critique of a Movie

In a 3-page paper address the following items: View the movie you selected and find 4 concepts that you have learned about from the following list. You can pick any concept with a definition from the course material to apply to your movie. a. Culture; b. Perception; c. The Self; d. Listening; e. Verbal Messages; f. Nonverbal Messages; g. Emotional Messages; h. Relationships. Identify at least 4 scenes from the movie that feature different elements of communication. For instance, if the characters in the movie started a relationship and clearly showed the initiating stage of relationships, you could choose that element to define and describe how it was portrayed in the scene. For each Scene properly cite the definition of the communication element that is featured, describe the character interactions and how they portray the communication element and demonstrate your understanding of the communication element by analyzing how the character’s interactions portray the communication element. Include quotes from at least 3 credible sources into your analysis. 

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