IT Architecture in the Age of Cloud

Global Technology Retailers (GTR) is pleased with the report you submitted, which addressed many of the concerns with AWS. They are getting closer to moving forward with the decision to adopt AWS for their cloud computing. However, they are interested in finding out how other large retailers have used AWS to solve challenges. As the IT architect and IT manager, prepare a summary of at least three or four case studies with citations to help them see how other retailers were able to use the cloud technology.

Refer to the AWS Customer Success web page, where you can read case studies. You can search case studies by Company Type or by Solution to find studies for this assignment.

Write a 2- to 3-page summary of 3 or 4 case studies including:

  • Define performance architecture.
  • Describe the issue or challenge the retailer wished to solve in each case study.
  • Discuss how they used the technology and their outcome.
  • Discuss common challenges among the retailers and how the solutions may relate to GTR.
  • Explain how you think AWS can help GTR create performance architectures based on outcomes for the retailers in the case studies.
  • The Assessments and Career Skills-Building Activities in this course all reference Global Technology Retailers (GTR).Global Technology Retailers (GTR) is a company founded in New York, NY in 1999. GTR started with just five employees but has since grown to over five thousand employees located in ten states and five countries. GTR specializes in online and traditional retail.Due to the relatively rapid growth, the leadership of GTR wants to consolidate all standalone, on-premise systems in all of their offices into one enterprise-wide cloud solution. The company hopes to achieve cost savings and other perceived benefits of sharing data. You serve a dual role at GTR. You are the IT Architect for GTR and are helping them transition to the new technology to meet their needs. You also serve as the manager of their entire IT department and report to senior management of the company. When evaluating solutions for GTR, you need to bring the perspectives of both an IT Architect, as well as an IT manager.Additional Resource: Explore the AWS Retail Overview page.

Cite the study and any other sources using APA guidelines and provide attribution, where appropriate.

Requirements: however long is needed

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