Identify three areas of interest to you from a theoretical standpoint.

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Identify Current Research in IT Governance and Analyze the Findings

For this task, you will use the NCU library to perform research in the topic area of IT policy and strategy as part of IT Governance framework. Find 10 articles that involve some form of empirical research from the past 4 years. This could involve quantitative or qualitative methods. In addition, find 10 more articles that involve business journals and practical application of IT policy and strategy (Hint: Harvard Business Review is one example) also from the past 4 years. Make sure some of your articles have a global component. You will have located a total of 20 articles.
Once you review the literature, summarize how the articles are related to each other. How are they similar? How do they differ? Then, conduct an analysis of findings across all of the articles? Are there any current operational and/or technical elements that are critical in today’s information technology landscape that is missing or not thoroughly discussed? What are your overall impressions from these readings in regards to the topic of IT Strategic and Governance formulation and implementation?

Your report should synthesize your findings by referring to the literature review conducted. Do not summarize the articles. Instead, use them to inform yourself as you formulate a logical narrative that addresses the following:

1. Determine the type of research that exists. Be sure to address this question from both an academic (theory) and business (practice) viewpoint.
2. Identify three areas of interest to you from a theoretical standpoint.
3. Identify which key constructs, concepts, or variables are used in these articles.
4. Describe how the articles demonstrate innovative concepts in IT policy and strategy.
5. Explain how the articles collectively advocate for proactive research, evaluation, and implementation of new ideas.
6. Identify what you can draw upon in the articles that address beneficial and detrimental topics in IT policy and strategy for organizations.
7. Explain how the articles approach IT policy and strategy from a global perspective.


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Identify three areas of interest to you from a theoretical standpoint.

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