Jobilee Foods Corporation Paper

Jobilee Foods Corporation Paper

Read Case  “Jollibee Foods Corporation”.

discuss the following:

1. The company background, the current situation and any competitive issues;

2. The potential choices and opportunities going forward.

3. Question: Should Jollibee expand in the US, why or why not?

Your paper should include a brief executive summary, 900-1200 (3-4 pages), and a recommended course of action.




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Jollibee Foods Corporation Paper

Executive Summary

In the past two decades, many companies both local and foreign have been expanding into new markets and territories. Such expansion is meant to grow their revenue streams and profits while at the same time countering domestic competition. These companies operate in different industries and have diverse business portfolios and structures. This is an indication that any organization can go global so long as it is well-positioned to gain competitive advantages in new markets. The aim of this paper is to conduct an assessment of Jollibee Foods Corporation. Some of the aspects that will be studied include the background of the company, its current status, competitive issues, opportunities, and whether it should expand into the United States. Several recommendations will also be provided for the company if it wishes to continue being profitable and sustainable.

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