Joint Operational Training With Partner Forces

Joint Operational Training With Partner Forces

You have the files in your email the assertion must say that I am in favor of joint operational Training with partner forces.
Supporting idea one ex: US Special forces this is there main mission
SFAB: this is also there main mission
Third idea : is the benefits that it bring to the forefront of the battlefield. We are able to work together better and effectively

Joint Operational Training with Partner Forces 

Also no running heads like i said as for now i would need the Assertion and all instructions are attached this needs to be done by the rubric so is this possible ? Need and answer asap 


The purpose of this email is to present you with the White Paper Project information as well as additional information to assist you. As we move closer to the White Paper assignment and activities, please read all below information and see the attachments to assist you in having additional knowledge of the upcoming tasks. You may also find additional assistance on Blackboard in the “Writing Assignments and Briefs” tab. I wanted to ensure the information is in one format for your easy reference. Thus, please note the highlighted areas for your convenience.

The individual topic will be randomly assigned on day one.

What you will submit to for the overall White Paper Project in the order listed:

              1.           White Paper Assertion and Outline (Due day 3)

              2.           White Paper Rough Draft (Due day 5)

              3.           Final Research Project (Due day 9)

              4.           White Paper Brief-PowerPoint (Due day 13)

***All the above White Paper assignments are due on the specified date IAW the training schedule***

If you all have any questions or concerns regarding any content for this entire white paper project, please reach out to me soonest. Thanks Team!

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