Each journal needs to have journal entry

Each journal needs to have journal entry

The each logs should be as long as you need it to make them, but at least A PAGE long and more- just write about what you did, learned, experience, any interesting event, challenges, take-aways, etc. talk about the goals and how it was achieved if there were any to achieve that week by finding it out on the agreement file which is attached below.

I am attach my time sheet in a zip file for you to see my work schedule. each journal needs to have journal entry the dates from when to when and etc.

Journal 1 – May 20 to May 24

Journal 2- May 25 to May 31

Journal 3- June 1 to June 7

Journal 4- June 8 to June 14

Journal 5- June 15 to June 21

Journal 6- June 22 to June 28

Journal 7- June 29 to July 5

Journal 8- July 6 to July 12

Journal 9- July 13 to July 19

Journal 10- July 20 to July 26

Journal 11- July 27 to August 2

Journal 12- August 3 to August 9

Journal 13- August 10 to August 16

Journal 14- August 17 to August 20

Company website- https://givenseegroup.com/

Name and title oof my site supervisor- Khatib Rubel, Director (Operations).

each journal should be on separate pages and journal date and number

also in the journal talk about visiting their factor site couple times and what i saw learned and etc. you will find about their factory in the website

held meeting with buyers through video conference because of coronavirus and etc and also talking about the goals in the agreement and how i am progressing and accomplishing it before the time of given .



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Each journal needs to have journal entry


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