What are the problems with this scenario?

What are the problems with this scenario?

Getting Started
Suppose you are working in a juvenile justice evaluation center. It is your job to complete a bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment with a 15-year-old African-American male. His elderly grandmother is raising him, because his mother is not able to care for him due to her drug addiction. His father is incarcerated for severely beating him when he was 10 years old. He was in the hospital for two weeks with broken bones and a head injury. He is now charged with assaulting another 15-year-old at school. Your evaluation will help decide the length of his sentence. According to the law, he could be incarcerated until his 18th birthday. Due to the severity of the assault, probation is not an option.

What are the problems with this scenario? Is punishment really the appropriate resolution? Could he benefit from community intervention? How could you advocate to change the laws regarding this situation to focus on treatment?

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

Identify social policies at the local, state, and federal levels that impact well-being, service delivery, and access to social services. (PO 5)
Assess how social welfare and economic policies impact the delivery of and access to social services. (PO 5)
Analyze policies with regard to the advancement of human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice. (PO 5, ILO 5)
Demonstrate character, scholarship, and leadership in becoming a world changer through application to personal life and professional social work practice.
Demonstrate Christ-like attitudes, values, worldviews, and ethical and professional behavior within advanced clinical practice. (ILO 1)

Textbook: Social Welfare Policy: Responding to a Changing World
File: APA 6e Guide.pdf
File: APA Template for Assignments.docx
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Background Information
Current correctional systems and policies in the United States reflect conflicting objectives; some components are punishment oriented, whereas others are treatment oriented. Social workers are employed in programs that are primarily preventive (as opposed to correctional) in nature.

In order to reduce crime and delinquency, should the correctional system and policies be reformed to emphasize the treatment and proactive approach, increasing the use of diversion and transitional programs and educating citizens on how to avoid becoming crime victims? Or are proposals and policies, such as administering swift and certain punishment, imposing harsher sentences, creating uniform sentencing, and separating repeat offenders from society more effective in reducing crime?

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
In your textbook Social Welfare Policy: Responding to a Changing World, read Chapter 11, “Crime and Violence in an Information Society.”
Review the IWU APA 6e Guide on how to cite sources properly.
Using citations from the workshop resource, write a two-page paper addressing the following prompts, using the APA Template for Assignments.docx file to complete your assignment.
What are the implications of America’s incarceration rate for social justice?
How can better social welfare services lead to lower crime?
What are the implications of globalization for crime and punishment in America?
What new crimes has the growth of the information society created? What changes need to be made to current laws to address these types of crimes?
Can new tools help deal with emerging criminal justice problems? Explain.
Before finalizing your work, ensure that you:
12-point, double-spaced Times New Roman font
One-inch margins on all sides
Normal character spacing
In-text citations
Title page and reference page
Read the assignment instructions carefully.
Use the spelling and grammar check.
Review APA formatting and citation.
Use APA format for organization, style, and source credits, including:
Review the rubric that your instructor will use to evaluate your work. Self-assess your assignment using the rubric and make improvements as needed to meet expectations and ensure that your work fulfills all the requirements.


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What are the problems with this scenario


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