How well integrated is the IC with local LE efforts?

HLS501 Discussion Assignment

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Discussion: Integration of the IC with Local LE Efforts

At the beginning of each module, address the discussion topic, making sure to meet all of the criteria on the rubric.

A substantive comment should be approximately 350 words or more.

Cite sources within your comment to support your statements.

Include at least three references, properly formatted, not just a link.

How well integrated is the IC with local LE efforts?
Why is it in that state?
If you could make one recommendation to the IC about better integration with local LE, what would it be?
Provide support for your position.


Module 3 – Background


Required Reading

Carter, D.L. (2006). Law enforcement intelligence: A guide for state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. Retrieved from…

Grassley, C. (2013). Intelligence sharing in wake of Boston Marathon bombings. Prepared Floor Statement of Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Ranking Member, Senate Judiciary Committee. Washington, DC: Office of Senator Grassley. Retrieved from ProQuest.

Kredo, A. (2013). Failure to communicate: Intelligence sharing could have helped prevent the Boston Marathon bombing. The Washington Free Beacon. Retrieved from…

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U.S. Government (2004). Intelligence reform and terrorism prevention act of 2004. Retrieved from…

National Counterterrorism Center. VIDEO: About the National Counterterrorism Center. Retrieved from

Requirements: .doc file

This discussion is basically:

Evaluate the integration of the IC with local LE efforts.
Articulate how the coordination between the IC and LE could be improved.



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How well integrated is the IC with local LE efforts

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