Leadership traits

NEED AT LEAST 6 scholarly sources (apa formatting) Annswering each bullet point in a paragraph or 2

The leader being referred to in the whole paper is that of a young police LT who was recently promoted to the leadership position. The organization focusing on is the police department.

Provide an example of management strategies the leader used to address an organizational problem (e.g., communicating across the organization, dealing with budget crisis or shortfalls, working with community stakeholders, dealing with team conflicts)

• Explain specific behaviors the leader engaged in that were appropriate and that contributed to his or her success.

• Use leadership theory(ies) to explain why the behaviors described led to success.

• Describe the leader’s style, and provide examples that support your assertion. • Summarize what you believe to be the leader’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

• Identify and describe a potential or actual ethical or legal issue the leader or to a situation in which the leader was engaged. (Please be sure to ensure the confidentiality of your interview by leaving out identifying details.)




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Leadership Traits

According to research, to garner commitment and engagement from employees, leaders need to demonstrate respect. Employees consider being treated with respect more important than being recognized and appreciated. It is crucial for management to apply strategy and tactics to tackle any shortcoming in the organization. Through requesting for focused feedback on the best conduct of the management helps improve on communication across the organization. Strategy and tactics provide the administration with options to apply in the organization to deal with stakeholders and come to success. Organizational culture involves strategies useful in shaping interactions within the whole system.

When a leader establishes his trust within his team, other work colleagues feel secure in sharing their viewpoints without fear of retribution.

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