What type of legacy are you building?

What type of legacy are you building?

a legacy is more than a link to a position or place in an organization. A legacy comes from the idea that everyone, regardless of position, can make a difference. Thinking about legacies requires moving beyond short-term definitions of success. Legacies encompass the past, present and future, and force us to consider where we have been, where we are now and where we’re going. A quest to leave a lasting legacy is a journey from success to significance. By asking ourselves how we want to be remembered, we plant the seeds for living our lives as if we matter. By living each day as if we matter, we offer up our own unique legacy. By offering up our own unique legacy, we make the world we inhabit a better place than we found it.

Think about it…what do you want your legacy to be?

Next, you will actually complete an online leadership legacy self-assessment. Refer to the attached “My assessment results” file, Navigating. After you complete the self-assessment, you are to write a paper that addresses:

A summary of your leadership style assessment results (attached “My assessment results” file). Do not submit your actual numeric results but for this part of the assignment, you may want to consider what your characteristics indicate about the type of leader you are, what your strengths and weakness are, what your opportunities are, etc. You are to reflect and analyze what those results mean about your leadership style.

A discussion of the next steps (attachment file Slide 4 refers to what to look at after the self-assessment results). Complete those next steps. You will want to address the overarching points, but you don’t need to specifically respond to each question as these are included to help you think. What type of legacy are you building? What kind of leadership legacy do you want to leave?


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What type of legacy are you building


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