Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management

Topic: Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Management

Details: -For this assignment, after you read the material for the week, visit this website and create a taxonomy which encompasses the main departments and divisions overseen by this agency. Nearly 90% of all healthcare law and oversight is conducted and established through DHHS. As such, the understanding of its influence is critical to be successful in the field of healthcare.

-This submission should be created in Microsoft Word with each department and division clearly labeled and summarized. Include an overall introduction to the agency as well as a conclusion. Your finished taxonomy will be 3 to 5 pages in length excluding cover and reference pages.

-Once you have created the taxonomy, in 2 to 3 paragraphs, write an analysis of what you believe the United States healthcare system would look like if the agencies were not created



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The United States Department of Health and human services is charged with maintenance and improvement of general public health through departments that co-ordinate various public health and social services agencies which conduct extensive medical research, research new technologies to be used in health enterprises and coordinate emergency responses to ensure optimal provision of a wide range of healthcare services to the American Public. In this way HHS is responsible for administering programs that deal with health,

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