legal and illegal psychoactive drugs

From the beginning of recorded history people from all cultures have found ways to alter their consciousness by taking drugs and other substances. Why do you believe most humans take legal (e.g., caffeine, alcohol) and or illegal (heroin, meth, crack) psychoactive drugs?.

=please read chapter 13, 14 and 15.

=Both intext and reference page

=350 t0 500 words

Here is the text book; John P.J. Pinel. Biopsychology(10th edition), Pearson Education, Inc.

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Legal and Illegal Psychoactive Drugs

All through history in the majority of the communities, persons have identified and used drugs capable of changing ordinary consciousness and experience. The majority of these substances are obtained from natural products like grains, yeast, mushrooms, seeds, and plants, but as of now, artificial products like amphetamines and heroin have been included into the list.

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