Planting trees and promoting sustainable business practices.

Planting trees and promoting sustainable business practices.

Lesson 11 (respond with 100 words) Rebecca

John should not be allowed to get a refund for a few different reasons. First if he got something in “as is” condition it is known to have some problems. He was told that this car was an “as is” and most likely it was written into the contract that the car is not in used condition and in most cases it is written that returns will not be accepted. If he feels like he is adult enough to purchase the car then he needs to be adult enough to deal with the consequences. The second reason is if his family went with him they should know to get a car checked out first before buying it. The dealer can not say that the refund will not be aloud because his family was there. Legally though if he wrote in the contract (which would have been needed since the car needs to be registered) he most likely wrote that it was a final sale. I think the term “as is” should be enough to tell potential buyers then the product may have some issues. This happens a lot with teenagers buying their first car. They think they know more then their family and they do what they want.

Lesson 12 (respond with 100 words) Amanda

There are multiple objectives that should be fulfilled in the act of fining offenders. First would be to make good of the damages caused to the environment. The quantum of damages caused to the environment should be calculated in monetary terms and the equivalent money should be collected from the offending firm and be used in environment’s cause (Lau & Johnson, 2014). For example, planting trees and promoting sustainable business practices. Other objectives would be to set an example for others who might be willing to do so by keeping the cost of offense too high and also to assign a grade to the talented companies and keep them under observation to prevent repeated offenses. While the businesses are fined, it will impact their sustainability for awhile; however, it is not the businesses that are the real offenders, yet it is the people who run said business. For example, if a business if fined and then kept under observation, the directors and employees might switch over to another company and start their offenses afresh somewhere else, preparing to bring down another company and causing negative reactions on the environment again. For this reason, fining the businesses alone would not solve the purpose, as the real malignancy might have changed places, and started working somewhere else. It is therefore essential to hold the tainted individuals and the brains behind the violation responsible. They should also be fined and their conduct be kept under observations by the authorities, so they they may transform themselves and refrain from repeating the same offense. Depending on the situation; however, some officers and directors should be subject to criminal sentences for illegal practices.


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Planting trees and promoting sustainable business practices.


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