Lesson 13 Discussion – 1640

Identify the demographics per age, gender, income and ethnicity, etc. of your community.

Review all of the material and content in the lesson. Respond to the following;

Identify the demographics per age, gender, income, ethnicity, etc. of your community.
Select one of the main struggles, obstacles, or issues related to diversity and tolerance that negatively impact youth in your community.
Create a promotional/marketing tool to address this concern and provide education, awareness and potential resources to address the issue. Examples could include: brochure, poster, PR video, blog, website or Facebook page.
Please remember that this PR tool is something you create on your own and is your original work.
Share your PR tool with the class as an uploaded or attached document, video link, etc.
Respond / provide feedback to at least one of your classmates.

Student’s post that needs a response:

An estimate was created for the demographics of race for 2018 in the Tampa Bay area. These statistics vary between; 11.41% being Black or African American, 0.36% being American Indian, 2.65% Asian, 0.07% Native American, and 2.59% of two or more races. White or Caucasian individuals being 78.91% of the Tampa Bay population. In my community, viewing the Pinellas County zip code range; 78.6% are White, 12.1% are Hispanic, 5.7% are Black, 1.6% are Asian, and 2.2% are Mixed/classified as Other. Recorded in my area; we have more female seniors than male (60+), more female older adults than male (35+), more female younger adults than male (20+), more females in college than male (roughly 20+), but more male children than female (0-14). 301% of household income homes my area are in the 95th Percentile, the lowest being 46.3% in the 20th Percentile.

One of the main obstacles related to diversity that negatively impacts youth in my community is racism and stereotyping. Another struggle relating to gender and sexual orientation is the lack of empathy and expressing harsh judgment on our youth LGBTQ+ community. People of color, people of different races or backgrounds, the disabled, gay/lesbian couples, Jewish folk, and more have suffered oppression and stereotypes for too long. If one is not white or does not have lots of money with a nice house and popularity will suffer oppressive consequences just for the way they were born. Children of color face unconscious biases toward them in school, in their neighborhood, at the grocery store, & anywhere.

My educational poster! Here, I’ve created a poster than stands out and will grab the attention of anyone. This poster includes a slogan, link to a website, and graphics that get to the point. www.canva.com provided me with a blank template that helped inspired me to create this poster. The point of this marketing tool was to help others find support or want to help those who have been oppressed.

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Answer preview identify the demographics per age, gender, income and ethnicity, etc. of your community.


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