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Please read the attached PDF story and write an essay about it which would have 3-5 pages, 12 point font, and MLA citation format The only source you could use is the story (NO OUTSIDE SOURCES).

The purpose of this essay is to examine a short story and to analyze this story with a view towards illustrating a specific theme. One of the main purposes of the narrative is to offer instruction to people about how to live their lives – through the story, we can consider ways to be (or not to be) in the world. So think about the story you have chosen and then reflect on the author’s POINT or TAKEAWAY. What is the writer saying about the world? What is the writer saying about human beings? What is the writer saying about “how to be?” Come to an understanding of the writer’s message, and then develop an argument that asserts this message. The theme is not the same thing as the plot or topic – it has to do with “big ideas” or important beliefs about life.

As you think about the theme consider the different conflicts and issues presented in the story. Is there a “moral” of the story? Which passages or sentences support your argument of this “moral” or point? How does the author use different literary elements such as characterization, plot, action, tone, setting, description, flashback, symbols, title, dialogue, etc to guide the reader to an understanding of his or her message?

In your introduction, you should briefly introduce the story and the writer, and then make your argument about the story’s theme. Each body paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence and you should use specific quotations from the story to support the claims you are making. In your conclusion, you should sum up your arguments, but more importantly, tell the reader WHY THIS THEME MATTERS for readers today. Why should we care about this? What can we learn from this?

You are not required to use any outside sources for this essay, although you may. Examples of outside sources could include literary criticism about the particular story OR scholarly articles about a particular issue, such as family violence, substance abuse, etc.

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What is the writer saying about the world

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