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I have gone and provided some statistics and feedback for your analysis. That Assessment Tool part was done well overall and shows that your group clearly spent A LOT OF TIME gathering the information; I don’t even know how you found some of it for your community but there was no county or even state data to compare with; which is part of the assignment but I would take either state or county as much of this as you could locate anyway (you will see what I included as feedback)

The part that I think needs additional clarification or most important to revise for the points; however, is Section 8 (30-40 pts) & Section 9 (60-90 pts) (not done per assignment guidelines) as there are no community nursing diagnoses written as nursing diagnoses?) and I am having difficulty identifying exactly what your priority problems for your community are that CAN BE ADDRESSED BY THE community health nurse.

Your paper discusses homelessness and poverty (though your community has a very high annual income) but regardless homelessness and poverty are not changeable factors that the community health nurse can address so I am having trouble identifying what you feel are the priority health problems to be addressed by the community health nurse for your community of Miami Lakes? Your paper mentions lung cancer, obesity, alcoholism and inadequate nutrition as problems experienced by the homeless and those living in poverty (which needs a reference to support this claim). Are these the specific 6-8 priority health needs of your community? I just need them listed out clearly. There is in Section 9 there is mention of children, adults, and older adults but I am not sure what this means? You have the information in this paper somewhere, but some of this information needs to be supported with literature or with specific info from your findings (I provide some examples).

For instance, the paper mentions Diabetes as a health problem affecting people over the age of 50 years (also needs literature to support) but the majority of your population in Miami Lakes is under the age of 50? So the priority problems should reflect the data or be supported by your data for your community so is Diabetes a priority health concern for your community? Children are mentioned but I don’t know in what way this is significant? Adults and older adults are also discussed but I am not sure how this relates to the priority health problems and how these are community nursing diagnoses?

Regardless I am almost done with going through and adding my feedback. The Identification of Priority Health Problems/Needs (30-40 pts) needs to be specifically spelled out as something that the community health nurse can address and again laid out as outlined in the assignment instructions

Your paper includes a Section 9 but (worth 60-90 pts) but this was to he has specifically written as 6-8 community nursing diagnoses which are not included in the groups paper submission. These were to be based off your priority identified priority needs. I feel you have the information in the data you have collected it is a matter of organizing it to identify priority community needs/problems and then writing the community nursing diagnoses. The last section needs to be written as Community Nursing Diagnoses which if not means you would miss out on 60-90 points in the assignment (which is a lot of points).


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I have gone and provided some statistics and feedback for your analysis.


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