Popular Press Article Critique Your critique should include the following (do not simply answer yes or no but include your reasons for your responses): 1. A discussion of the scientific merit of the article. Is the material presented accurate (be sure to include information from other reputable sources to support your claim)? Is the article written using terminology that is understandable by the lay reader, or are scientific/technical terms full explained? Is the article logical? (Do all portions of the article make sense separately and as a whole?) 2. Identification and support of the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Is the article relevant to today’s lay population? Is the article written in a manner that is “readable”? Is/are the objective(s) of the article fully met? Are there excessive spelling and/or grammatical errors? Does the article lack figures and/or tables that would facilitate an understanding of the material presented? Does the content justify the length of the article? (Is the article too short or long for the amount of information presented?) Is the article “targeted” to the appropriate audience? 3. Identify ways in which the article can be improved. How might the weaknesses identified be strengthened? Are there additional pieces of information that should be included in the article? 4. Provide your overall opinion of the article. Did you like it? Was it a beneficial article? The length of the paper will depend on many factors – writing style, margins, font size, spacing, etc. I would expect that your critique will be between 2 and 4 pages in length Assignment #2 – The Scientific Method & Ethics Part I—The Scientific Method and Unusual Claims – answer the questions after text Part II—Human Cloning: Concepts and Issues – answer the questions after text Assignment #3 – Web Page Evaluation Visit web site The International Ecotourism Society (https://ecotourism.org/) to answer the questions below. To fully explore the site you must visit the different links and complete some of the activities. You should minimally prepare one paragraph on each area below incorporating your answer to these questions posed for each area. You should NOT simply answer the questions but use these as a guide in preparing your responses. (see the guide attached)

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