What is the setting for your presentation?

present where you will be eight to ten years from now

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Final Story Project Planning Document

Instructions: For the Final Story Project assignment, you are required to present where you will be eight to ten years from now. In the spaces below, provide detailed responses to the prompts. Your responses are key points to address in your presentation and will be helpful in developing your Final Story Project.


1. What is the setting for your presentation?
Conference room at The Hershey Company in Hershey, PA.
2. Who is your audience?
Managing officers and human resources staff of The Hershey Company; individuals who are responsible for the hiring process.
3. Why are we (the audience) listening to your story?
I am in the final round of the interview process for a position in logistics management at The Hershey Company. I have completed two previous interviews, one on the phone and the other with an individual who would be my supervisor. I believe going into this interview as the top choice for the logistics manager for the American markets.
4. What type of visual aids/media will you use in your presentation? Select all that apply.
☒ PowerPoint Presentation
☐ Video
☐ Other (if selected, please list what will be used): Click here to enter text.
☐ None

5. List any props you will use to assist with telling your story.
Planner, tablet, pen.
6. Describe the attire you will wear for your presentation.
Business dress (jacket, blouse/shirt, pants, dres’s shoes).
7. What is your purpose? State your purpose statement.

My purpose is to use my skills and strengths to identify challenges I encounter through life and develop creative solutions that lead to positive outcomes.

8. Explain how you came to understand your purpose.
Identifying my purpose has been an ongoing struggle because I continually hear I should “be happy” or “make a lot of money.” By completing the My Plan activities and StrengthsQuest I realized that if I really find my purpose I will be happy. I also realized that just because I have loads of money I won’t necessarily want to get up every morning to deal with job I hate. I know that when there is a problem to be solved, I often come up with solutions that others don’t see after I have time to think things over. I like to complete logic problems and solve riddles; I can lose track of time when completing a Sudoku puzzle. I started to recognize after talking about purpose in the NSE course that my love for being logical and solving problems could be my purpose.
9. Explain how your purpose is related to your values, goals, interests, and/or strengths.
My purpose is strongly linked to my analytical strength. I always knew that I thought about a majority of things in my life by evaluating all of the information I had available. I know that in relationships with family and friends I sometimes “overthink” things but this time is important for me to really understand the full situation and be able to help others. The My Plan interest inventory provided results that I am investigating, enterprising, and realistic. These three qualities really relate to my purpose: I want to engage with others and identify problems, try to solve the problems creatively, and help everyone around me be happy.
10. Explain how your purpose is related to your career goals.
My purpose relates to my career goals because logistics management is a daily challenge in problem-solving. I read the job description for logistics management and got excited. My purpose relates to my career goals because I will be able to use the information to help the company that hires me and solves problems. Problems are a key part of my purpose and I recognize that I don’t run from them. I look at problems like a puzzle and like to solve them.

Career Pathway

11. During your presentation what is your career?
Logistics Manager/Supply Chain Manager
12. During the final semesters in college and following graduation from college, what was your career pathway? Provide details as to certifications, licensures, internships, and promotions that occurred.
• While completing my bachelor’s degree at Florida Polytechnic University I was able to complete an internship with Siemens related to transportation and logistics for their power and gas division.
• I was encouraged by my professors and colleagues at Siemens to join the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L). Membership in AST&L allowed me to gain certifications in my field immediately following graduation. I received certification as a Global Logistics Associate which helped me gain employment following graduation.
• Following the completion of my bachelor’s degree at FPU in 2019 I joined Coca-Cola as a transportation planner at the Auburndale, FL plant.
• While working for Coca-Cola I completed my Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management in 2021 at Penn State through their online world campus.
• I was promoted to the transportation planning manager position of the southeast U.S. in 2022.
• I completed additional certification with AST&L: Professional Designation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in 2023, and Certified in Transportation and Logistics in 2024.
• I have actively attended conferences related to logistics management and supply chain management.

13. Describe your profession including job duties and daily routines. Include details and vocabulary that are unique to this career.
• Logistics managers are responsible for planning and coordinating the movement of inventory from suppliers to production facilities to vendors.
• My daily schedule involves time on the computer tracking materials and researching information about numerous variables that can impact the price and availability of materials.
• Meetings with other top managers like financial officers and executive officers happen on a regular basis.
• In addition, I need to attend sales meetings with suppliers and vendors to ensure that a quality product is delivered from both sides of the production process.

14. Explain the general workforce skills that are needed for your profession. Discuss what skills are needed to perform your job.
The organization, computer skills, and the ability to work under stress are important in my job. People skills are also important; I am not dealing directly with the “customer” who will buy our product but my co-workers, vendors, and suppliers need to have clear communication from me.

Academic Pathway

15. During the presentation, what degree(s) will you have completed? Include degrees from Valencia and transfer institutions, if applicable. Also include majors.
I will have completed my associate in arts degree from Valencia College, my bachelor of science in logistics management from Florida Polytechnic University, and my master’s degree from Penn State’s College of Business in Supply Chain Management.
16. Outline the overall cost of your education and the sources for funding your degree(s). Provide specific names of grants, loans, or scholarships.
Undergraduate Degrees
Valencia: 60 credits x $103.06 = $6,183.60
FL Poly: 60 credits x $165 = $9,900
Total cost of my undergraduate tuition: $16,083.60***
*** (does not include books, transportation, housing, etc.)
Pell Grant: $5,775 x 4 years = $23,100
I will have sufficient funds if I maintain satisfactory academic progress to pay for my undergraduate tuition. I will have approximately $7,017 that I can apply to books ($500 x 10 semester = $5,000). I plan on living at home while I attend Valencia and Florida Polytechnic so I will contribute the remaining amount ($2,000+) to household expenses. By living at home I will save a substantial amount of money when compared to living on campus at Florida Poly. The disadvantage is that I will have to commute approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes each day of classes and I will miss being part of the on-campus activities.
I plan on working a part-time job while at Valencia and I estimate that I will be able to pay my transportation costs (insurance, fuel, vehicle maintenance) from those paychecks. I average 22 hours a week and make around $550 each month after taxes and withholdings. I plan on applying for scholarships through the Valencia Foundation and Florida Polytechnic. Florida Poly currently offers to transfer students the Poly Scholarship, Provost’s Scholarship and President’s Scholarship that range from $1,000 to $16,000. The scholarships are tied to GPA and course completion so I will focus on keeping the highest GPA possible to qualify for financial assistance when I transfer. Any scholarship awards will be used to pay for my tuition and books, and my Pell Grant award will then be saved to help pay for my graduate degree.

Graduate Degree

Penn State: 30 credits x $975 = $29,250*** (program is completely online)
*** does not include books, transportation, housing, etc.
I will be working full-time while completing my master’s degree so I plan on using a tuition installment plan to break my tuition expenses into monthly payments. If that is not an option I will take out a loan to pay for the cost of my graduate degree. I will research student loans and select one that has the lowest interest rates. I will also focus on paying back the loan early by making additional payments whenever my income allows. I realize that I am paying for the convenience of completing this degree online while still working full-time. I rationalize that since I am going to be fresh out of college and not used to the slight increase in income from my full-time job, I will be able to better at saving for my graduate program expenses.
17. What steps did you take to ensure that you successfully complete your degree(s)? Include Valencia resources, including people, places, and course lessons, which you utilized for academic success and career planning.
• I used the Career Center to evaluate majors that were related to business; I knew I wanted to work in an office environment but did not want to major in business administration, marketing, or accounting.
• The My Plan assessment in LifeMap was helpful to learn more about myself and good career matches. When I first saw my results I did not think many were good matches for me but once I took time to read though details about the careers I could see how some were perfect choices for me.
• I made use of the Advising Center when selecting courses to be sure that my class schedule aligned with my intended major. I would often see the first available advisor, but my favorite was Mr. Velez because he would take time to ask me questions about my current classes before jumping into the classes for the next term. He really took interest in my success as a student and that motivated me to continue to work hard. I took time to visit the Advising Center at least once each term to ensure my course selections prior to registration were on target.
• The tutoring services were helpful for my math courses and it became a routine that I visited weekly to review homework and prep for quizzes and tests.
• I attended a Skillshop about interviews and resumes which provided tips that helped me prepare for entry into the workforce. I had created a resume in high school but the information I learned in the Skillshop was more on target with what I will need in the business world.
• My OST1335C Business Communication course was an initial course that I completed which proved beneficial each semester. I knew that communicating clearly, whether in writing or verbally, would be important for my future job. The course actually taught me skills I used in future courses and during my internships.

18. In the space below, provide a detailed outline of how you plan to organize the information in your presentation. Remember, your final presentation should be approximately 5-8 minutes in length.
• I will begin by thanking the audience (hiring committee at The Hershey Company) for inviting me back for another opportunity to talk to them about my qualifications for the role as Logistics Manager.
• I will say that I know they asked me to come prepared with a quick biography to share with them about why I feel I would be a good addition to the “Hershey Family.” PowerPoint will be used to share images related to main topics.
• I will share information about my purpose (purpose statement) and my strengths (highlighting analytical and focus).
• Next, I will mention my initial desire to work in a business environment and how I came to recognize my unique skillset for logistics managements (NSE course using My Plan, conducting career interview, using StrengthsQuest to better understand and develop my strengths).
• I will discuss my educational path at Valencia, FL Poly, and Penn State, making sure to highlight internship experience.
• I will discuss my involvement in professional organizations, especially AST&L.
• My work experience with Siemens and Coca-Cola will be shared and then I will open the floor to questions from the hiring committee.


Important note: The key to a great presentation is preparation. Plan to start working on your project _______ weeks prior to the due date. Doing so will ensure you have time to rehearse, record, or make changes to the project before it is due.




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