In your own words, what escalated the interaction for you, or what was your trigger?

Money issues is the most cause of conflict around the world

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Topic: NSG 290: Conflict Management

Details: Please respond to my peer discussion post.

1. Using the Class Poll “Conflict Triggers,” select the main cause YOU BELIEVE to be a trigger. Briefly explain why you identified this trigger as being a primary cause of conflict.

Money issues are the most cause of conflict around the world and especially here in America. We need money to live as it is important for rent, food, education, and health. Worrying about money is the beginning of another conflict. That stress can impact our work, school, and relationships. We have faced a difficult path with Covid 19, many people are burning with debt, unemployment, and are homeless. Resolving money issues would eliminate a lot of conflicts.

2. Reflect on a recent conflict you had with a friend, family member, co-worker, or another person. In your own words, what escalated the interaction for you, or what was your trigger? These will typically be feelings you have experienced in the past such as feeling excluded, powerless, unheard, judged, etc. You do not have to describe the event.

I felt powerless because I had to prioritize my financial status over helping someone who truly needs help at this time. I could not help the person because I knew when I would be needing the money back, the person would not be able to afford to give it back and I explained that. Now that person does not speak to me anymore because I was looking out for myself. Money issues affect relationships and you feel either judged or powerless.

3. After reviewing the Reading & Resources folder on Conflict Management Styles, identify which style was used by the other person in the conflict situation you just identified and how this style either helped or hindered resolution.

Conflict can spiral out of control, but if you understand how the spiral works you may be able to prevent it from even beginning. (Eunson, 2012). I believe the person used the Avoiding conflict-handling mode. She clearly did not speak to me anymore because she felt like I did not pursue her interest at that time. She felt betrayed and It affected our relationship. Time will tell if both of us will reconcile. This style of conflict handling mode hindered resolution as both parties are not willing to work the matter out. The collaboration mode would have been more beneficial to this conflict.

Eunson, Baden. (2012). Chapter 3: Approaches to managing conflict. In Conflict Management (pp37–57). Hoboken, NJ: Wright books.

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In your own words what escalated the interaction for you or what was your trigger

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