BA573 (Project Planning and Management Seminar) Research Paper

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The paper should be a minimum of 5-6 typed pages, using one and a half spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font.

This research assignment will provide you an opportunity to examine the impact of effective project management on the overall success of an organization. Use resources available through the library and other sources (including the internet) to obtain information. In your paper, you should discuss and identify as many principles of Project Management concepts as possible.

Select a publicly-traded company, I would pick S&P 500 or a big global company as they tend to have project management information available.

Items that should be discussed with your selected company includes (1-2 paragraphs):

Mission and Vision
Values and Ethics
Organization structure and culture
Overall measurements of success for this company

The following questions should be addressed when possible (remaining part of your paper):

o, Discuss briefly the project you have selected.

o What issues did they face in the projects you have selected?

o What are the major strengths of the company in terms of project management?

o In what ways did Conceptualizing, Planning, Executing and Closing contribute to the success (or failure) of the project?

o What was the most important thing leading to that success (or failure)?

o What are your conclusions about the management based on your research?

*Note – plagiarism and cheating are not permissible.

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Discuss briefly the project you have selected.

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