Explain the methodology that underpinned your analysis.

For the final assignment of the course, you will submit a presentation of your public administration management plan. Think about the focus of your management plan and choose an audience that relates to, and is of central nature to, your plan. You will then tailor your presentation to the interest areas of your stakeholders. You will submit the presentation as your artifact for assessment.

Address the following in your presentation:

Present information in a concise and organized fashion.
Align the presentation content with the needs and interests of the chosen stakeholder audience.
Provide an introduction to the topical area.
Explain the background and definition of the issue you are focusing on.
Explain the methodology that underpinned your analysis.
Describe the chosen theoretical framework.
Explain the key findings from your analysis.
Provide recommendations derived from your analysis.
Provide validation and support for your recommendations and conclusions aligned with findings on the impact of the management plan.
Provide a conclusion to the presentation.
Provide proper APA citation.
You will use the speaker’s notes section within the PowerPoint slides to provide all the information relevant to each slide, which you would otherwise present verbally.

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting. Slide content does not need to conform to APA style.
Number of resources: Include a minimum of five peer-reviewed resources that are dated within the past five years and formatted according to APA guidelines.
Length of presentation: 10–12 slides. Each slide in your presentation must include succinct, well-organized content presented in a readable format (such as bulleted or numbered lists), as well as speaker notes that demonstrate your plan to communicate effectively with your audience.
Writing assistance: Additional resources and support are available through the Writing Center and Smarthinking’s free, online tutoring service.


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Explain the methodology that underpinned your analysis.


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