Management and organizational behavior

Paper #1 Requirements:  In the context of employee engagement, it is observed that the highly engaged have a passion for their work and feel a deep connection to their company; disengaged employees have essentially checked out—putting time, but not energy or attention into their work.  With this in mind, address these main elements:  1.  What is employee engagement and why is it vital for leadership to work hard to encourage, build, and maintain it?  2.  Is it possible to reengage those who have essentially “checked out?”  If so, what steps might leadership take?  3.  How might a high level of employee engagement encourage and maintain a positive workplace culture?  Please note: Your paper should be 4-6 pages in length, excluding the cover page and reference pages.

Paper Tips:  In your paper, be sure to create an outline utilizing these three elements.  Do not number your elements in your paper, instead, be sure to start with your introduction section, then use each element above as a level header (see APA guide for how to do this).  For example, #1 could have the header title of:  Employee Engagement.  #2 could be:  Reengaging Employees; and #3 could be: Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture (these are just examples, you can rename if desired, but make sure they are close enough to be recognized). Then, be sure to add in a conclusion header and text as well.  A good conclusion includes a brief summary of what was discussed as well as why it’s important to consider these elements in the future.

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In any workplace, there are employees who are hugely engaged in their duties and responsibilities. On many occasions, these are motivated employees who have a deep connection with the company and the duties that they are supposed to perform…
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