Management Ethics

Explore the issue using the framework you create. HINT: This is done through the application of an ethical theory. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: Employment issues (sexual harassment, diversity, discrimination, etc.) Performance appraisal and compensation Terminations Privacy Financial and accounting measures Using reward systems to enhance ethical behavior and/or reinforce unethical behavior Communicating ethics Corporate social responsibility Your final paper will be developed in three parts (selected topic, outline and final paper) throughout the course. For this activity, use the list of possible topics to explore the possible issues within your workplace. Then, choose one topic to focus on throughout the course. Briefly research your topic to ensure there is sufficient information available to you for developing your research topic. Finally, use MS Word to create a “one-page” document that describes your “topic and thesis sentence” for your Individual Research Project

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The United States workplace environment has numerous forms discriminations which compromise both the current and potential employees’ well-being. For instance, it is common for companies to have policies, which discriminate persons on the basis…
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