Management Question

Management Question

Is it possible to be a great leader of employees in a highly mechanistic organization? What
special talents or abilities might be required?

15.2 Why do the elements of structure, such as work specialization, formalization, span of con-
trol, chain of command, and centralization, have a tendency to change together? Which of

the five do you feel is the most important?
15.3 Which is more important for an organization: the ability to be efficient or the ability to
adapt to its environment? What does this say about how an organization’s structure should
be set up?

15.4 Which of the organizational forms described in this chapter do you think leads to the high-
est levels of motivation among workers? Why?

15.5 If you worked in a matrix organization, what would be some of the career development
challenges that you might face? Does the idea of working in a matrix structure appeal to
you? Why or why not?

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