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 Article Review Discussion

2. Find 1 other student’s post and read their original article and then compare and contrast the articles that you each posted.

3. Industry Research & Analysis Assignment

Requirements: 1 page


this’ weeks assignments are similar format as last week. Its also 3 part assignment:

So we can Start with 1 Discussion board that is due on Friday, after that we can do the peer review (once people post, I will send you their post to respond – due Sunday) and last we can do the Industry Research & Analysis Assignment also due on sunday

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reading materials: 

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RED Critical Thinking

Article Review Discussion

Discussion Boards To build our collective understanding of the process and value of Critical Thinking, this week is an article review and discussion.Begin by researching Critical Thinking and Identify an article that provides insights beyond our required reading this week. You are not required to use a peer reviewed article. Be careful to select an actual article in a publication, not just a blog or web post.Post should be approximately 500 words.”Review” the article by providing the following:
Prepare a very brief overview of the contentApply a conceptual model for the information in your article.

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