Did the mascara serve your needs?

Unit 7 DB: Fieldwork

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Survey Questions

i. Did the mascara serve your needs?

The average response was that the product was great at an average of 47.06 percent, representing16 participants.

ii. What value does the mascara give you that you don’t get from other producers?

The average response for this question was that the product has no additional value, with a score of 29.41 percent, which is the response from 10 participants. Similar to this, a significant group of participants states that the mascara does not run, with a score of 26.47 percent from nine participants.

iii. Why did you choose Flair Cosmetics Inc. over our competitors?

In this question, most people answered that they chose the product due to the great reviews they got from their friends. The average participants who gave this opinion constitute 26.47 percent and involved9 participants.

iv. Do you feel the price charged for the mascara is fair?

In this question, there was an overwhelming response of 57.58 percent from participants who agreed that the price was fair, as it is the average price for mascara. This percentage represents 19 participants from a total of 33.

v. Which challenges did you face as you used the product?

There was an overwhelming response from the participants, who indicated that they did not face any challenge when using the product. This response constitutes 75.65 percent of the participants, which comprises 23 participants out of 34 participants.

vi. What can we do better to meet your needs?

For this question, 32.35 percent of the participants stated that the product should be made available to more locations to reach a broader market. These participants constitute nine of the participants out of a total of 34.

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Did the mascara serve your needs

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