Analyze the potential profitability of the industry

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Minor Case Study

Autozone, Case #3 of Chapter 3orSelect a business of your choice.

MINOR CASE STUDY QUESTIONS: For the Minor case now additional questions will be addressed. Following the pattern below will ensure your readiness for the next steps.

1. Introduce the organization: basic facts and current status
2. Specifically identify the industry, life-cycle stage, and the competitors – see IBIS World database
3. Analyze the potential profitability of the industry
4. Who has succeeded and failed in the industry? What are the Critical Success Factors?
5. What political/legal forces affect the industry?
6. What economic forces affect the industry? What is the market structure?
7. What social forces affect the industry?
8. What technological forces affect the industry?
9. What is the current firm-level or corporate-level strategy?
10. What is the current business-level [generic] strategy?
11. What are the business strategies of the major competitors?
12. What is the organization’s Marketing Strategy?
13. What is the organization’s financial position and financial strategy – how do they make and invest their money?
16. / 17. What are the organization’s Strengths and Weaknesses? On what competencies should they build?
18. / 19. What are the organization’s Opportunities and Threats?
20. What strategic alternatives are available to the organization?
21. What are the pros and cons of these alternatives?
22. Which alternative should be pursued and why?

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Analyze the potential profitability of the industry


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